Tuesday, 21 May 2013

urban wander #42

singers, painters
clowns and time-wasters
river breeze
walking through them
same old streets
of london
day in and day out
i keep hanging about
i keep losing myself
in the same crowd
lacking: nothing
but a ghost
a wandering girl phantom
life it's so random
just last week, Waterloo
I felt like I was thorugh
now here I am
sort of renewed
bit by bit by bit
I flit, I sit, I writ...
...another poem
in the hazy evening sunshine
amongst indescisive seasons
just like my reasons
thin, changeable, transient
lord are you with me now?
every time i cross the bridge
the sun comes out
so swift, as if to say hello
and then a slow
redemption song begins
to sound
wandering phantom girl 
wait for no one