Saturday, 11 May 2013

the kite is alive

kite in the sky 
kite is alive
kite glides; as a sigh
escapes man's lips 
as man watches kite dance
as man watches kite prance
around with the travelling clouds
gleeful, a bit free 
yet kite wanted to be
kite wanted to cut off 
kite wanted to get higher
to touch the highest span
to not be earth bound
kite formulated a plan
kite conspired with wind
and with winds help kite broke free 
and tugged himself away 
from the grasp of a man
man watched in a trance
as kite escaped, his glance
did not waver and kite did not slow 
a gust of wind did blow 
kite higher and higher
kite soared 
and from above
kite watched the world
catch fire
and burn and burn and burn 
kite mingled with the ashes
kite yearned for lightning flashes 
and red hide,
they appeared and then kite did fly 
away as the end of the world approached
and encroached,
upon the sleepy life of man.