Thursday, 16 May 2013

leave me alone dippy blad!

Of all the places I tarried 
it was in the dino shop that I carried
around with me the most sadness
inherent madness (it surfaced)
and troubles weighed me down
memories they'd often make me frown
and I don't know why 
of all the places that I've tarried
it was in the dino shop that I carried
everything. I don't know why  even now
I can't get the dino shop out of my head
nor dippy, nor whale
nor mammoth, nor dead birds
-more than empty words-
-more than just another confession-
rather an expression
of longing. 
like I left my heart in Lahore 
maybe I left behind
another vital part of me in the dino shop
...don't know why I can't stop
thinking about it. I flit. 
It's what I do, what was it about the dino shop
that grew 
on me? Was I ever truly happy 
in life? yes, no 
-I don't know-
I just know I never learn
I just know that I forever yearn 
to be back there
all the places that I've left behind 
-a succession of incomplete departures-
-a procession of unsaid goodbyes-