Saturday, 25 May 2013

amazing people and that one boss.

to just be
so overwhelmed
by life, by living
to just find
them everywhere
those people who remind
you of everything
you gave up on
dreams/ projects/ ideas
-yourself/ themselves-
to see them then
in newspapers
old friends
 old teachers
old preachers
to see their names in print
to see them on TV
it brings
about the strangest feeling
to see where you are
to see how far
you've come kind sir
while we're so far
in terms of knowing
-yes, in terms of knowing-
to know that despite it all
despite my fall
-from grace-
despite the fact that I erased
myself from your reality
(and vice versa)
to know that even now
that even after all this time
all those chances you gave me
-those chances passed me by-
to know
I can send you a text message
and you'll reply
at the end of the day I know why
and you don't know how much
that means 
Swear down, I'ma try harder 
I'ma to fix up 
and to all of you 
who still have my back 
I swear I'll pay you back 
with sheer kindness
one day in the not so distant future