Saturday, 25 May 2013

Brother save us, we are burning!

'brother, save us, save us 
we are burning!' 
the children screamed 
from inside a school bus on fire
despite the smoke and flames
the children didn't tire 
of screaming, 
till their very last breaths
till their very last tiny breaths-
'brother, save us, save us
we are burning!' 
and he tried 
he did, the young man 
a distressed youth 
but it was no use, 
he broke the glass
he tried to save them 
but by then
too much time had passed
the fire had spread
and the fire had led
the children to burn to death
 'brother save us, save us 
we are burning' 
he's still turning 
around their desperate plea's
at night its hard to sleep 
-16 children died today
in Pakistan, in a school bus fire-
let's talk about that
let's talk about how precious 
their tiny lives were
let's talk about the absent bus driver
who left the burning children
shouting 'brother save us,
save us, we are burning...'