Saturday, 11 May 2013

space invaders and a man in waders

< the rest of the world
he tarried at neither 
he just kept walking onwards 
pass the space invaders
pass a man in waders
the disarming missiles
lizards too 
and coloured rubbish strewn 
all over 
along with burnt flags
flowers and shells 
the ones you'd find by the sea
the scrap by the houseboats
to up sticks, to float 
away on any given day
across the english channel 
to be able to channel it 
everything into moving 
across the ocean
and that being it
the entirety
no beginning, no end 
just the middle 
just the sea
the church bells rung before he 
could finish formulating 
a thought, from across the river
the mudflats/ the birds flew
the gnats bred, after they led
that one day life
another string of words
try to understand
< the rest of the world