Tuesday, 21 May 2013

disconnect/ dissect

to disconnect/ to not dissect 
something beautiful 
using light and ink
and you've already missed it.
you've missed
-something beautiful -
like the patterns on the backs 
of the dinosaurs
like the coloured graffiti 
on the canteen walls. 
He looked like Barney, 
all green and purple
digging into his fish sandwich 
sipping on his toxic juice,
what's the use 
of dissecting 
something beautiful
when you never saw it
in the first place
that young lad, hood up
eating a bright blue ice-cream 
now it seems 
so strange, I agree
and those four dangling legs 
by the stone Sphinx
and there: lying on a bench
to lie anywhere,
on any patch of grass
and to stare 
up at the sky 
(this/ is/ life) 
to stare up at those leaves,
chinese leaves
by the transmitting station
-to endure with patience-
to be
to just be
 to just see, to just breathe
to just listen to her
the girl who brings me joy
to disconnect 
to not dissect 
the row of men, the private tracks 
the present moment
stacks and stacks and stacks 
(of present moments)
the remote control cars
how fast they went
how hard they were concentrating
tearing through
  better sometimes
to disconnect 
to not dissect
something beautiful
(I've done it again, haven't I?)