Monday, 27 May 2013

sleep paralysis

sleep paralysis
twice in one night 
how many times 
will I experience 
sleep paralysis 
in my troubled life?

angels, scientists 
can you explain
how I can tame 
this demon 
that sits on my ribs

maybe you can 
up the shadow
so he can remain
in his place
for I find it hard
to face

sleep paralysis 
unable to move
unable to remove 
the demon on my ribs
-in the quiet darkness-
-a silent (paralysed) scream-
this isn't the dream/ this is the real

I don't live on your earth,
not any more, not like before 
not even a bit 
where I live 
doesn't fit 
with all that you 
to be real

-sleep paralysis-
that's some deep shit
right there
but me
honestly I no longer fear
(finally Gaia)