Tuesday, 7 May 2013

underground soul

underground soul
d'you get what I'm saying
underground soul 
d'you get what I'm conveying
let me break it down for you 
-the camaraderie-
of the dusty tube
in the early hours of the morning
they gather together in a group
to share ghost stories
on kennington loop
(un)loopy they move in troops
one after another, he trails behind
he walks the tracks, he tries to find
the morning
in the morning
he repeats over the tannoy 
mind the gap, mind the gap,
mind the GAP(S)
gaps in the mind
gaps you'll find
gaps making
(code language) 
speaking in tongues
here it comes!!! 
here they come: the ghosts of the past 
ever last, they'll never last 
forever: they're braver together
underground soul
growing old 
(we all are)
d'you get me? forget me
don't let me
walk the tracks at night