Friday, 22 November 2013

you just knew

on a too cold
winters night
smoking a pipe
trying to erase
trying to wipe
away all thoughts
and memories
trying to refract
all negative energies
trying to exhale
yet //another// fail
-just let go-
just let it out,
colourful smoke
and a long sad happy laugh
yeah I'm sorry I missed it
but I didn't want to be
in a crowd
I didn't want to have to listen
to loud
small talk
I didn't want to be around
happy people
after a long and depressing day
at another job
that I'm about to leave
                                               //////////////////leave it out
listen. just understand
I ain't against you
I respect what you're trying to do
even if you think otherwise
I just didn't want them
to witness my demise
I would have let it show
detachment, entrapment
and so//////
I just spent time with a soul and a pipe
I just tried to wipe
stuff out
-----(with my only love)
 another girl, soon to be gone
how did we come together again
how did you know?