Friday, 1 November 2013

one new change

and then last night
another rooftop sunset
where was that again
I forget, time it blurs
ahhh one new change
one new change
what a name
watching st pauls
feeling insane
as ever ever ever
sharing old woes
but nothing real
because nothings ever real
like this twilight
and then it gets dark
and so we go to a cafe
and watch the river from above
this is compensation
for living in a dream
but still wanting
somehow to connect
to whats happened/ to whats happening
sad sad laughter
this is my way of connecting
to all the ten thosand places I been
autumnal cold, what does it mean
the hanging bats
by the big circle eye
and st pauls
you knnow it looks like the dome
at kennington station
the pleasure gardens
at that museum in the orange storm light
immersive, watching the people
on the screen, people from the past
what does that mean
watching water heal
cut off from everyone and everything
I can't really feel
and well, I don't care much anymore
not even about the undying storm
but I'm happy
-forever/ small details- 
enduring beauty