Sunday, 10 November 2013

another end of the world

edging precariously 
on the surface of the sea
the mud flats 
the broomway
half liquid half solid
----------bottled it
I felt like complete shit
in that dream I was having
or was it I nightmare
either way, when I woke up I didn't care
if is seemed real, still
though it did, kill
 some hopes of a restfulsleep
for I entered, the end of
the world, 
and watched from a high place
the dark grey ocean rise and fall
waves lashing high and tall
and ethereal lights all around
a storm, ink waves
white sprays
and I stood there with my camera
desperately trying to take a picture 
but my it wasn't working
and my sisters were shouting 
come on, just come on
so I dismantled my camera
and water poured out of it
and seaweed started to grow around it
and so I screamed
and then I followed mother
as she edged towards the stage
on the surface of the sea
wholly preciously
for it was on the stage
my sister was to be married
///and then my teeth wobbled
and fell out 
and I awoke