Saturday, 16 November 2013

between sublime and surreal

the sublime moments 
that make up a day
the sublime moments
I got so much to say
but no words
the sublime moments 
that make up a day
let me try to say
the sublime words 
that made up a day:
 the mouse 
exploring the silver city
-----dirty and gritty 
 the crumpled foil
------wagging its tiny tail, 
trying not to spoil
an appetite ////////////(for disaster)
a moment
four ladies from Sri Lanka
laughing in unison on the northern line
hysteric, foreign, some kind of sublime 
a moment
being with my friend
on the sand; on the shore
made up of ten thousand pores
of glass, in the sublime light
a cloud of it, in the night 
above st pauls
her bags, I go bag-less
but with much baggage
you can have it
the sublime moments 
that make up a day
the pigeon that flew away
across the heavy orange and green sky
next to a a building, (not real but oh so) high
the dots on a topi
her foot next to mine in prayer
the waves, coloured in christmas lights
the beggar on the street
his touch, our eyes did meet
both sunken
his fingers touched mine
as I imparted silver
raggedy blanket
rain mixed with gleeful sorrow
the sublime moments
that make up a day
ten million to make up a life
girl what do you say?
come away with me 
the time is now