Sunday, 24 November 2013

long over due

a poem, long over due
girl if only you knew
just how much 
I've wanted to write something for you
but nothing 
no nothing
could convey
just what I wanted to say
yeah we crossed paths
at a time when we were both half
mental, lost but fully free
girl you and me
where do I begin
with our story
yeah it's been stormy 
in parts
but AG
the lessons you taught me
I could never have learned anywhere else
from anyone else
your determination, 
your enduring positivity, your smile
your kind smile
made it worthwhile
yeah you were there for me
when no one else was
and I never repaid you for that 
for never giving up on me
and I remember still
I remember
every adventure
yeah we've shared so many
we've shared so much
and words will never be enough
I just pray this is the year
all your dreams come true
they're already starting to
and knowing this 
makes me so happy
knowing this 
makes me so happy
AG you won't ever know
just how
special you are