Sunday, 17 November 2013

storm outside

hmm so now, 
weighing up 
the (non)options before me
                          --------------to be free
                                to be free
                 to just be
hmmm should I go back 
to cutting down trees
with my friends the 
no I can't go back
no I can't go back
should I go to the dino shop
resume conversation
with the dead birds and the dead rocks
no I can't go back, I broke the locks
(for a reason)
hmm should I start peddling drugs again
no please don't send
any prescriptions my way
no, I can't go back
no, I can't go back
instead, I'd like to just slack
off----------------------------maybe retire from life
retire from life
               I'd like to retire from life                                      
should I just do 
sweet nothing
cos really, I'm tired of doing stuff
of seeing folks,
and acting tough
when really
I'm good, I'm gone