Thursday, 21 November 2013

a hundred thousand papers

such few words
such few words
I flick through 
so many words
so many words
          so many                 papers
----to be surrounded by piles
of tiny dots of paper
man I hate the
man I hate the
stacks of stupid paper
and the tiny dots too---
from a hundred thousand applicants
from all around the world
from all around the world
if only you
could break free
and maybe
stop applying
and apply yourself
to something real
like the art of alchemy
a voyage to outer-space
for this-----
is such a waste
of paper
of words
for a piece of paper
for a short excerpt
-------------------what a waste
///////////////////////////of time
the very thing that life is made of
-being here-
and there in the noon
in the sun
at lincoln inn fields
I was trying not to yield 
to the voices saying
don't go back
-------------------you don't
have to
you don't have to!