Wednesday, 20 November 2013

we are nowhere and it's now

the trippy moments 
that made up today
the trippy moments 
I got so much to say
about the trippy moments
that made up today

the ghetto greek guy
from ladbroke grove
the postboy of LSE
would you believe that he showed
me the ropes and that I was
the post boys post boy
yeah jokes
                but not so                  funny
but kind of hilarious
-yeah right on the money-
(but I fell short)
no matter we laughed
as we lugged
around two cardboard boxes
with cups of tea and sarnies, 
life is barmy
proper. and sometimes I wonder
whether I'm just tryna be funny
or kitsch
or ironic
----------------am I looking for something to pitch
a story (for life is far stranger than fiction)
and I've always first and foremost been the writer

no matter, listen I'm on it,
i'm on dis ting----------
i'ma bring
------------------something to the table

the trippy moments that made up today
she flit past me in a blur, I was like hey!
and then she stopped twice
and turned around, that old friend
a professor who once managed to mend
that part of me and so she said 
we need to catch up
but I was too caught up
thinking of you
of ten thousand Zhang Chou's 
ten thousand applications
for ten thousand pointless masters
lately I've mastered
the art of disengagement
somehow I'll break 'em,
----------------the shackles!
these iron rings of me(n)tal,

and then and then and then

I nicked a green apple
as inside I grappled
-----with this thing called life
and so I went outside and waited at a bus stop
but the bus didn't stop
and I left my belongings inside
/////no where to hide, no where to abide//////
in peace
-don't disappear,
d'you hear?-
                               don't disappear
and so night came
and I walked to SOAS
but then I got lost in the dark
I got lost in the dark
ended up in some park
and so a friendly young lady took me
in another direction,
                                      like I took that Nigerian lady named Grace
yesterday in Greenwich
to another university
to the place she needed to be
-we give, life gives,
and so I travelled with her                                            
because I was somewhere else
and we talked a bit
and then and then and then
when I got there
I forgot the combination of the prayer room
but then but then but then
another kind young lady came
and we talked
and talked 
and then I went down
and saw her

the trippy moments that made up a day
we didn't stay
long, no
we escaped, we traipsed
-----as we do
by the festive christmas stalls,
and our friend the river
and it was magical
and the tedium and weighty sadness
--------------------and enduring madness
left me and us, and everyone.....

......and then I got a missed call
on a broken phone
that's wasn't even mine
it wasn't mine, 
the burning tea scolded my hand--
                          I'm doing just fine
and the river watched unconvinced
and after words behind glass,
after a bus ride that didn't last
and the flute and saxaphone that played
a souls melody and the man's head
spun around his neck,
a barking dog, a stick of liquorice
in peace and after we talked
until there was nothing
left to say
after all that

------------we crossed the bridge

(we are nowhere-----and it's now)