Monday, 25 February 2013


the abrupt discontinuation; 
of yet another 
empty conversation
or rather
a lack of words
from the onset, 
for these ghost words- 
be the reason I incur
so much weightiness 
throughout time
for they remain lodged inside  
haunting, the words I never said
unspoken words; they've led
me down the path to ruin
they've led to this  
ceaseless confusion-
to yet another 
mistaken attribution
to this- what is this?
and now,  
it's happening again
you've got me wrong 
you've misunderstood
and I never could 
correct you or anyone 
else, I'm outside myself
I wish you would just understand
I never planned, for this.  
without words- I wish you would 
just know. I wish you would 
just get me and my strange ways 
and know that every time 
I go into a daze
I think about nothing 
and everything too
I think about you 
but words, 
the right words
I never could do
maybe in these poems 
but in reality, 
and to a number 
of reality's children