Sunday, 24 February 2013

autumn afternoons, water and light.

I miss those mid-afternoon
swims, in Dalston 
and the peace that would follow-
in a beautiful Turkish mosque
I would lie on the carpet
hair still damp under my headscarf, 
body spent from running fast- 
from the walks
in the cemetery that came after  
and there, as I lay,
there as I lay
watching the light stream in
and the chandelier glass grace the ceiling
with shadows and light
It would wash over me
there was a time 
I would travel
from mosque to mosque 
a stranger-
with only one task
to pray 
to pray 
to pray 
to the One Lord
to the Lord of the heavens and the earth
I miss those days
when my forehead would graze
the warm earth, the cold concrete
as I made sajood
on another the nameless street
one must never admit defeat 
one must continue to seek
that feeling of being 
at one, with Oneness.