Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mammoth and Me

I've been slowly killing myself
by willing myself 
to carry on living in this way 
when every day 
is long and hard
when every day 
I remain barred 
from the path
still I am
and absent, silent, still 
I zone- 
out, so out
of this world
I'm stuck between 
this life and the afterlife
I lie awake
night after night 
absent, silent, still 
I work days on end 
all the while 
still trying to fend
off the demons that come to me 
from every side
there's no where to hide
and there in extinct, 
with scattered thoughts and
a woolly mammoth for company
his ruptured spleen
he slowly shakes his head 
as our eyes meet
prehistoric, esoteric
but he get's it
I'd ride with you anywhere
mammoth my pal 
I'd ride
a thousand miles into an ancient
ice age, maybe I would engage
in that place
maybe this rage
 inside would subside, 
maybe it would freeze
for now here I am
shaking, the ground beneath 
be quaking, again, and
and again i'm breaking
this soul is forsaking
me and the earth is waking, 
from it's fitful slumber-
to be free.
 I know a way back
I know the path, 
but it's long and winding
I unlocked the door 
last night, it was dark and cold 
it wasn't home
I fell asleep 
for the first time in forever
I know a way back...