Sunday, 3 February 2013

dark miles-

did dark miles 
cure me 
of my g.a.d
or am I still crazy 
it's all so hazy 
in my head 
could I
already be dead?
ahh g.a.d
is that what this is?
see, something's a-miss
it cannot be explained
I've been maimed
I've been injured 
by who and what 
i don't know
i don't know
maybe he does in the sky 
that noisy black crow
hmm maybe it did, 
dark miles
at first 
but hailing a car
in the night woods
heart thumping 
legs crossed
most of all 
i feared
that it wasn't
a nightmare
it was real 
and i could feel
myself fading
pulse racing
amidst trouble 
strength comes
from somewhere
deep within
it is given by the One
my Lord,
disposes of it 
Ya Allah
I trusted You
and I flew 
I floated
my feet did not touch 
the ground 
I made it out 
of the woods
under the stars
after being
in a cell 
for so long
the freedom 
once empowering
rendered me vulnerable 
once a leader
i was now a refugee
I was an honest believer
i was now
an escapee
now back here
in my cell 
was yesterday 
and if it was
did i heal 
at all 
or am I in the same 
place i was
before it happened
i want to be 
I miss you.
stay away from 
prescription drugs...