Monday, 11 February 2013

-before combustion

here i am
close to breaking
close to forsaking
everything and everyone
I know.
I know
I know-
I need to undergo
a transformation
I need to
come out of the darkness and
into illumination
oh predestination
you're taking me places
these chases
you've me running
though tunnels
dark, everlasting
and i'm gasping
for breath
I can't slow
now I can't go
this hearts turned black
this minds gone whack
it's hard to keep track
of where I should be
here i am
it's numbing
and i'm rushing
i'm shutting
them out
i'm buckling- as i shout
into the void
echoes destroyed
by noise-proof walls
cold, so high
I keep asking why
I keep asking why
I keep asking why
man just wish I
could feel
other than distance
see its lonely
i've only
got 'me'
and 'me' is