Monday, 14 January 2013

Two Wayfarers

I hope we don't fail
to wander together
along the Swale
on a winters day
we'll watch the birds
as we follow the 
old Saxon Shore way
we'll cut through the 
apple orchards
the sky may be moody and grey
but our spirits will
not fray.
We'll share jokes 
and biscuits 
as we go 
You know,
we were always 
going to be friends. 
This ancient path along 
this ancient shore
was meant for 
two wayfaring tramps 
like us.
So let us wander together
whatever the weather,
and who knows
maybe the storm will fade
and the sun will make 
a brief appearance
And as we walk 
you'll ask me a string 
of questions 
like you always do 
and we'll talk about all the 
things that interest me and you 
like old films and birds 
and art and strange words.
But let us 
take the time to 
when we reach the sea wall 
and enjoy those views across 
the saltings and the creek-
Conyer creek; 
we always do seek 
lonely places
empty, wild and free.
I wonder, 
will we make it to Ship Inn
before my ship 
comes in?