Friday, 4 January 2013

Mad Clarity

So I was planning on writing this book
last year, about a Christian monk of Olde
with a heart of Gold, from Anatolia. 
His name was Mad Clarity
and this man; brilliant, old and wise, 
possessed a certain kind of duality

Mad Clarity was quite the hermit.
For life did not permit
him to be anything else.
One day he found a time machine, 
and being a curious human being, 
he flipped the switch. Was it a glitch?
Mad transported himself from the past-
he travelled fast, through a future so vast. 

Was it a glitch?
The means by which, 
he arrived there? 
Or had he been sent to complete a task?
To ask the questions, modern man 
never asks?

He ended up in a new land
He ended up in Hackney
in the year two thousand and thirteen.
Initially, he thought
he was having a strange dream.

Then, he would grapple, and try
to understand the meaning of life
in the process, he would drive
others insane, with his seemingly
inane ways.

He lived on the streets
for weeks on end.
He would talk to mosquitoes, 
to birds and clouds and trees 
Whenever he could, he would
talk to the people in the TV, 
and in photos and on posters,
he never got used to modern things
like cars and coasters.

He tried to figure out the things he once
knew, like who he was, and what was true.

Anyway I don't know 
what happened to Mr Clarity. 
I'd like to get back to him soon. 
I just can't seem to find the inspiration 
to write about that kind of 'loon'...-
an olde monk living in a modern funk
I just hope he finds his way home
some day soon...