Monday, 14 January 2013

She left

She left 
the same way she entered
through the back door
calmly and quietly, 
she didn't want to draw 
attention to herself.

Gosh, what a sorry story
my life has become- 
here I am again, 
on the run!

There was an art 
to the way she would start
to live life over.

The trick, is to stick
to the plan.
One must never look back.

Her ability leave so freely, 
required a will so steely
in nature.

In the end I managed to make 
my not so great escape.

go easy on her, it's not all her fault
try to take her with a pinch of salt
try to understand she just couldn't take
it anymore.

Listen, I just didn't
what it was all for!

People like her, 
find it impossible to endure-
that kind of propriety, 'stuff society' 
she thought and so she did, 
So she just walked away.
Come what may
its time for me to go my way- 
wherever it may lead...