Monday, 14 January 2013

Broken Face

Oh no, what a disaster 
look here girl, this plaster
will keep your eyeball in place
see there, your face-
looks almost normal.
Now let me thread your lips 
together using a needle and
some coloured string
mind you, this might sting
a little. Don't look so scared- 
you've nothing to dread dear
I'll have you looking like a fair
lady in no time. 
I'll fling together bits of wire
that will repair or at very least diguise
the cracks above your eyes
that scar beneath your left lid
bid, it farewell, 
I've got some stuff 
that will hide it, but it might swell 
a bit. And I've got some blu-tac 
to stick back your darling nose
it's split in half again, 
darn these facial woes!