Friday, 4 January 2013

Rapunzel of Baghbanpura

The Rapunzel of Baghbanpura
caused such a great hoo-ha
when she escaped from her tower
and made for the city!

She hitched a ride in a rickshaw
She did not abide by their law.
For sure, she'll end up dead!
-the people of her village said. 

But she didn't, instead-
 she made friends
everywhere she went. 
She played cricket 
with the kids from the slums
and shared deep conversations 
with them raggedy bums. 

She soared like a black kite, 
always in flight, always gliding
never hiding, from life. 

The Rapunzel of Baghbanpura
was a warrior, of sorts.
She wandered through side-walks 
-along Grand Trunk road; 
she would help a strained donkey
carry his heavy load.

On her off days, Rapunzel
shared words with the poets
and visited many a grave 
No one can save
that girl, the people of the village 
would say- 
this is what happens, 
when you depart from the old ways.

Rapunzel didn't hear. 
If she did, she wouldn't care
what they said. For she had fled
and now roamed. She now owned 
the city. She pitched up a tent
wherever she went 
using her chador and some sticks
never gave a toss about the politics
 of being a woman.

And to this day
the Rapunzel of Baghbanpura
has found a way 
to live and live happily
in the city 
of Lahore!