Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Same Shit/ Different Year

Same shit 
different year
I swear-
I can no longer bear
this affliction
sweet benediction 
release me
Lord, decrease me 
in my suffering
for I am suffering.
This pain,
I no longer gain
from it, 
Lord, I feel 
myself wane
and I feign
Lord, I feign  
but this normality-
its carving holes 
in my sanity. 
be grateful.
Lord, this pain
It will not leave me 
Lord, it aggrieves me 
that I cannot live 
like an ordinary person
I feel my condition worsen
and I can pretend that I'm okay
but pretending 
won't make the pain
go away.
Lord, I pray to be healed
So I can wander in a field 
of Your remembrance....
Same shit
 different year
I swear, 
I just don't care
any more...
Ah, don't worry-
this despair
it won't last 
I'll hold fast 
I'll be patient
like I've always been 
I seem to be
getting better at it. 
I guess
this here-
it's simple
of a condition
I have
it's called 
'being human.' 
I still haven't gotten 
used to it.