Friday, 18 January 2013

Don't Cry, Mia.

-aroused from my sleep
by the sound of you weep 
Mia, you live in the
half-way house next door
Mia, I live next door, 
to your half-way house
a portal lies between us-
they say, Mia, that you reside
between fiction and reality
madness and normality-
they say you live
in the thoroughfares  
of this world, the hidden 
corners, the sacred spaces
those elusive places-
shared with ghosts 
and jinns and demons
to ordinary folk
you said life is no joke
you were right 
every night
I'm aroused 
from my sleep
by your weeps, your wails 
they reverberate 
they grate,
so do the other noises-
Mia, in the early hours of the day
I lie awake
and I listen to the voices 
I can hear them, 
muffled and low
not of this world
they haunt you, 
they taunt you
you cry.
These walls are so thin
If I could break them in
I would, Mia.
I'd offer you a warm embrace
we all need the strength to face 
the creatures of the dark.  
The wounds, Mia
you said
the germs had spread
infected bloods
 course through your veins
the body a prison-
a prism, a cell.
I could always tell
something was wrong.
In the morning Mia
I think about you 
I wish I knew 
what makes you wail 
like that,
sunken eyes
forever cast downwards.
I wish a noble saviour
would save us all.
I wish we didn't have to
through these gutters.
Mia, we pass by 
on the street and we greet
 each other 
sometimes we talk, 
I saw you in Smith Brothers
buying jumpers from 
the 1950's
and in the garden, we cross
paths. We offer smiles 
and exchange fruit 
I wish I could get to the 
of our otherworldly woes
this feeling of otherness grows-
I used to bump into 
you at the swimming pool too,
Mia, we'd swim in a pool of tears. 
Mia, every night 
I hear you wrestle your fears
often they win and often I hear you cry. 
Don't cry Mia, don't cry.