Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Me against the World

As I walked through 
the shadow 
of the valley of death
I watched the condensation
 of your exhaled breath
escape from a 
crack in the window 
of your car
a single star, 
lit up the heavy sky 
I could have walked on by
but I didn't. 
I lurked. I looked
I cursed. I mistook 
you someone else
I mistook you for me-
you know
it was as though 
I was watching my 
younger self
I stood there
I needed to dispel
any association
any notion- 
of kinship
of similarity
when in reality, 
we couldn't be 
one and the same-
It's just me against the world
I heard you rap 
along to Tupac
alone in the dark- 
the stark
reality of life;
it's rife- 
the politics of pain, 
troubles remain
they makes up life.
You looked up then and said- 
ain't no one care, if I be alive or dead
I got nothing to lose. He moves
me- Tupac. 
He knew the truth- the truth be 
I lack half the tools 
I need to be a man
I ain't got no plan 
I don't give a damn
about nothing.
I am nothing.
But everyday still, 
I rise,
still I rise- 
still Demise
watches me from the horizon...