Sunday, 29 December 2013

roads called destruction

for there are
so many roads ahead of me
but they all lead 
to place called destruction
yeah there are so many roads to take
there are so many people waiting for me to make
that choice to be free, but not free
just wrong. I don't want to go down
any of those broken roads that beckon
I don't want to meet 
any of them people that reckon
I'd be happier living their way, by their rules
no rules at all, adhering to desires
no sooner will it transpire---- sheer emptiness 
for I know it already 
and I promised I'd never give up on the path
the path
                                               I've been wandering (backwards)
for so many years, 
lord, I won't
I won't, I won't
follow them into the darkness
I won't follow them anywhere
I told them already
I'm waiting on You
and You alone, all else
is just pass-time, 
Lord this won't be the last time
I ask for guidance
Lord, help me find a way ///(out)