Monday, 9 December 2013

strange birds

another day
another lake
another chance
I failed to take
there listening to birdy
listening to strange birds
listening to strange birds
watching two cormorants 
                                      two cormorants perched
on two high high branch
there listening to strange birds
there listening to strange birds
-my wounded wings still beating,
you’ve always loved the stranger inside…(me)-
//////signs/////// ----beating---- 
just being there -----breathing----
just being able to stare
up at the big big sky
and down at the big big lake
to be able to decipher
the real from the fake
and in the sun 
they seek me out
and they look through my eyes 
into my vacant soul and say
the depths, I'll never know
or understand- 
human connection
yes life, it's strangely unfair
but so undeniably beautiful, 
that one ceases to care
about anything but the signs
beauty-----sublime signs (they mean everything)
but nothing, 
so don't read too much into them
for they'll just drive you mad
yet here- a dharma bum again,----so glad
for it feels so good