Monday, 16 December 2013

now is all you have

living in the now
no clue where I'm going
but I know somehow 
I'll get there
and even if I don't
it's the journey that matters
though sometimes the journey
it shatters
all hopes of an ending
worth mending
the broken incomplete-ness
that exists, nontheless
we learn,
we learn 
to live in the moment
to make moments mean
something or nothing
nonsense or articulation
moments that happen, that are
like laughing every day
with other human people, strangers and friends
like accepting yourself and everyone,
like trying to spend
time with real time, with real life, with reality
else, and realising 
that it don't matter
no it won't matter, one day
so say, just say
 what you want
whatever's in your heart
or else the what-ifs will start
to carve craters in your soul
stealing parts of you
----- and taking a toll
on what's left of a life-----------
the One is watching over you
------so live well