Wednesday, 18 December 2013

bingo babes/ granada grannies

granada grannies
the bingo babes of tooting
everyday you'll find them refuting
notions of aging
by engaging 
in sweet silly laughter 
friendship and play
they played bingo 
while speaking in a lingo
none would understand
and amongst them sat Mildred
a cocky loud-mouth gran
 determined to win back a grand
she lost, till then
poor Mildred was banned 
from entering the house till 12
but well
where else was there to go
but gala bingo
where all her friends were
enjoying life, 
granada bingo
a place lost in time
there she would sit
waiting, waiting waiting
for her number to come up 
/////////////////38- it came to late
as soon as she left 
it came on screen 
life is like that
d'ya get what I mean?
-granada grannies,
bingo babes, 
keep smiling in the face
---------------------------------of senility