Monday, 23 December 2013

free tilikum

the orca
from the aurora
and brought down 
to the sick sick world
of seaworld
a dark place
where human people hurl
fish for tricks
more money for more pricks

-free tilikum-

the captured orca,
from the aurora 
residing to this day
in that sick sick place
of seaworld

there tilikum stares at his scars
through the reflections in the glass
orca, from the aurora
you deserve to see the stars
from the sea so far
from this sick world
of seaworld.
of human people

-free tilikum, free tilikum, free tilikum-

orca divine
why did humankind
capture you, 
you weren't created
for a lonely life of trauma

free tilikum, free tilkum, free tilikum

whale psychosis
we're the most-est
screwed up 
species ever, ---- human people
how did you come to develop
a sick greed
the desire to breed 
more sad and angry tilikums
more orca's
destined to be brought to
concrete bath tubs
from mothers torn
a desire to be unborn///

free tilikum, free tilikum, free tilikum