Wednesday, 11 December 2013

chilli sauce and surreal

chicken cottage
the baubles on the ceiling
surreal observations
without any feeling
------of reality
like six pairs of eyes
from six shades of colour
dull the 
(lights) and turn it into home----
six pairs of eyes,
                      somewhat alone
looking up 
                                     at a single screen
------a black and white dream
with subtitles
////a sundial----
somewhere out there
like that sad old indian film
from the sixties
that they were all watching
the somali youth
man behind the counter
the two travellers in the booth
they found a
escape, chewing on fries
their eyes
set on the screen
the baubles fast-fading
-------a black and white dream
chilli sauce and the surreal
images that fill
(collective minds)//
//////our london life