Wednesday, 1 January 2014

elephant rain and fading shadows

over a year 
has it really been that long
I braved the storm 
to see you 
from elephant in the rain
to the back ends of bermondsey
pass the goldfinches
and the south asian factory from the past
pass the piles of cotton
oh dear, I've forgotten to take off the mask
too busy walking the dirt paths, 
the gali's, -----to the sound 
of the rickshaw,
but being there in the empty studios
the three of us again
drinking pineapple juice
out of wine glasses
soaking in neon melancholy----
and talking about magic
about hawksmoor
gone and re-gone,
d'you know how much I adore
you both
the only couple 
that makes me want to get married
so I can have that
friendship and love
prancing in masks
plaiting plastic blonde hair
knotting and knitting
we never had to ask,  
macrame, tea
the basement in the black
the red light that guides
the car ride, mourneful sighs
the station
faith is life
life is love and love is sad
and full of sorrow
but beautiful nonetheless