Wednesday, 1 January 2014

insomnia's children

-------------------night walkers
flight's daughters
--------------inflicted with sleeplessness
mystique and thus
a never-ending thought
nothing but darkness
the dark         
                          kind of insomnia
the kind that won't ever go away
always always always awake
and never asleep
no we never found a way to keep
hold of the dreams
that sometimes turned 
into nightmares
slight cares
voyaging through
dark and lonesome thoroughfares
                            the kind of insomnia
that won't ever go away
forever wide awake 
                                     at night
asleep during the day
but still 
never quite there
in the present
in the present that is
not the present
in the illusion that came 
and went
-------------------------------you spent
too much time with the moon