Friday, 4 October 2013

time now, or never again

what's the point
of having ten thousand friends
when you haven't got a single one
you can really talk to
from the onset I sought to
talk to You Lord
but its been so long
and I've been so wrong
You kept me strong
Ya Allah, You kept me strong
how can I prolongue
the future, when it's already arrived
forever I strived, 
to be better, but now only You
only You
can bring me back 
Lord I know I lack
everything I need
to get me there, 
Lord, you know I fear
nothingness, that's why I'm here
-about to dissappear
(for-ever evereververver)
////////Lord, I'm going away again
this time I don't know when
or if I'll ever be back,
and so I need You with me
Lord I need You 
just You. just You, just me....
-I'm a stranger, see-
/ a traveller, true to my name
a stranger/// how can I blame
when the circumstances change
but this time Lord, I want to travel with You
/in solitude////
 where we are least alone/