Sunday, 20 October 2013

the train window, an opening into the universe

corn fields
a shade of mustard
yellow trees
a whole line of them
and flashes of bright green
underneath the big indigo skies
blending before twilight

& I------

sit there alone
                                                         wandering why
I never go home---------

midland magic
the giant white turbines
a hundred canal boats
water that carves through land
snaking, making
marks in the ground, reflecting pools
reflecting the shine
in your eyes, in the eyes

-of a  thousand past lives-

& a hundred caravans
& a hundred fluffy white sheep
in a fading darkness
unmistakable starkness
in a darkening fade-ness
-------realllllllllllllll so etherealllllll
a thousand and one 
lone train journeys
-a hundred and one sunsets
each like no other-

journeying, it sets the soul free------
    watching the skies bleed