Friday, 4 October 2013

fried chicken

spot on
the fried chicken shop
course it had to be clapham
                       wonder what               happened
to all them people,
to all them wings,
to all them legs, breasts and other tings
like a hundred thousand feathers
-small pleasures-
                      freshie dreams   fleshy themes           they call it,    
    yeah           they call it
grease, bone and flesh
yeah they call it
       clapham -sense
common hence,
              it's        < funny >
it's the clapham all we knew
dressed-up yuppies, chunder and G's too
           and don't forget the               misfits
this takes the biscuit
<hahahahaha> but its true-
its clapham/ through and through
the fried chicken shop
                           sometimes you just gotta      stop
and take it in//////-----