Sunday, 27 October 2013

twenty days

It's a new dawn
its a new day, it's a new life
and I'm feeling good
so good, 
yeah I wish I could 
preserve this feeling of goodness
cos' goodness me, I never felt so free
its like every possibility
just appeared before this minds eye
it's like I just defied
all prophecies, calling for my end
and now I'ma send 
so many blessings
for less things
matter, than blessings-
accept perhaps possibilities
yeah possibilities
they appeared before this minds eye
to a live a life, 
free of expectation, 
of waiting, 
a life of just being,
not continually breaking 
just existing exactly where you are
nah I'm not that far
just twenty days and that's it
I'm good, I'm gone
I got a million plans
and they can't all go wrong
I'ma go to the coast
work any place on a casual basis
bum around england, 
yeah man, I'm gonna make it
write, connect, 
capture, reflect
save up some money
and then when the winter comes
I'm good, I'm gone
nah, this time it won't go wrong
-twenty days-