Wednesday, 16 October 2013

days upon days, words upon words------ (& nowhereness)

met another stranger 
on the train
she went by the name
of Alannah
Alannah, from Alberta
not a tourist
just there, 
yeah she just didn't really care
about nuffink, 
s'why I spoke to her maybe
maybe I was fascinated by the crazy
way she spoke out loud
cursing, pursing
her lips, creasing her 
forehead, like she knew....
some kind of something
yeah kind of nut-nut, kind of stuck in a rut-rut
a singer a dancer
a proper chancer
taking chances
like skipping amsterdam
like not giving a damn
just ending up wherever
like in the home of the professor
reading the book he wrote on mutants
wolfman and chinese albino///// ---(non)nuisance////
----but easily percieved
that way

so when the small hand hits five
she comes back to life
she gets this drive
to just be-------------------------------------so freeeeeeeeee
so I just leaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvve
so I just speaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkk

and so I saw her

the girl who changed my world
yes you love, and we shared everything
before going our separate ways----------
separate ways

we both crave a little space

---and so I go back to drifting, 
all the while sifting
through the possibilities 
laid out before me, 
(so many possibilities, 
but all leading down a thousand dead ends)

and then I got a text on my mash-up mobile
for a while it was
-refreshing and fun
meeting you tonight S-

---and that's it, the story of life----