Sunday, 1 September 2013

strange days/ always

strange days
forever unfazed
forever in a a daze
through and through
a pair of soaked shoes
aching bones
fog over the lake
ever alone
ever in another zone
hood over head
waiting for the unknown
to make its appearance
the violent geese
they say
I'm slightly disturbed
but I say
la ilaha illallah
I just look  
to that one dying star
that one fisherman
that one pitched up tent
the sun that never spent
a single moment with him
or me, dawn
a strange time 
in the mi(d)st of the sublime
and when the other morning begins
the real one
it's like it never even existed
the secret one
and in the evenings
with the river
with the green
sharing skittles
and a whole stream
of unvoiced thoughts
I understand, then
/I understand/