Monday, 2 September 2013


ma favourite Brazilian
you're one in a million
I don't know where
you came from
but it was truly magnificent
-that beautiful day-
we ate chocolate cake
on Box Hill
the sheer thrill of it,
of being on the road again
and talking deeply madly truly
about things, deep, mad and true
I only wish Marta were here too
-epiphany after epiphany-
I wonder why strangers from the past
keep getting in touch with me
out of the blue
I never even knew
they still existed
-the joy of being disconnected-
so it was all new
everything you said
everything you told me
all those old people 
yes we found ourselves there
bird watching
botching words
A-line, and your green wagon
pink haired lady who asked if I was a dealer
cos she found, my bruk up mobile
I tried to lose it
so many times, so many times 
they find 
me (and I'm so glad)
gosh and that restaurant
that too kind waiter 
my head was throbbing
so many hours later
as I tried to take it all in
every crazy bloody thing 
in the world
bird watching by the lagoons
all too soon
and it brings it all back 
there, then, him
-and everything-
in between, life is so strange
in my own skin
skin that's not mine, I don't know
where I am (ever-)