Friday, 6 September 2013

dialling code

listen, truly 
I didn't recognise the dialling code
I thought it might be da feds and so
I didn't pick up, I didn't call back
listen this ain't fiction
-this be pure fact-
I weren't da computer hacker, 
I weren't da phone jacker 
I weren't da wikileaks tracker
but you know what I don't get is
that you see it for me
dis whole whacked out future, 
-ain't no one share our sense of humour-
yeah no sooner,
would we cross it all out
listen where was I
oh yeah, dis whole wacked out future
more whacked out den da present
da present, da present, da present
as obscure as the faint crescent
of the moon, the faraway moon
I think I came away too soon
to really see it