Saturday, 7 September 2013

old man and his old train

Santiago de Compostela
the long road, Spain
it was there
an old man and his old train 
it was there
the stone and metal cradled
the dying,
the beat-up train carried
so many crying
human people
an old man and his old train
was he to blame
for the death
of those many human people
for getting
tangled in the metal lines
spines, old train driver
tangled up in an old spider
web of lines, threads and spats
somehow getting off track 
for speeding old eyes 
to get it back
the end of age/ the end of life/ 
to end in this way 
more than tragic
the story of an old man and his old train
all those lives
that will never be the same again
and they ask still, was his age to blame
could he see the same 
as them young Spanish train-men,
would they be alive then
had one taken it,
and that old man sorrow
Van Gogh painted on his face
-solemn disgrace-
old man and his old man train
-what now, to say?-