Saturday, 7 September 2013

graduation no-show

nah I never went to my graduation
-a year passed-
and I sort of lacked the imagination
to be able to see it
actually see it
for I very nearly didn't 
barely made it through
yeah, screwed over
maybe I deserved it
shrugged it off either way, 
using that same wry wit
yeah nah I didn't go to my graduation
I had yet to reach maturation
I'd yet to give up the separation
kind of just left, yeah I left, 
via the fire exit, age sixteen
I headed to the park and set my un-pristine
uniform on fire
man, sometimes I tire
of living in re-runs of the past
but I completed the task 
I burned it, yeah I burned it
and I shouted then
'free at last, free at last 
thank god almighty we're free at last'
but nah, the freedom it didn't last
yeah nah, the freedom didn't last
-graduation, no-show-
yeah, I didn't go
yeah, I still don't know
much about that