Saturday, 7 September 2013

just another stranger

we all have that one friend
who's now just another stranger
I have a hundred thousand of those
at the end of the day I couldn't blame the
distance, rather I had to blame my inconsistence
and a string of words that went unspoken
of course I was so broken 
but I shouldn't have cut myself off
wholly, when I know 
that you might have needed me
-I know you did-
so now I'm thinking 
before I go away again
I'll need to make amends
a hundred thousand amends
or maybe I can just send 
a whole stack of postcards
from the other side of the world
-on the other side of the world-
that's where we'll meet, you and I
I bought another card and signed it
I sort of hoped that you wouldn't find it
I sort of hoped 
you would change your mind a bit
-and stay-