Thursday, 6 December 2012

There is a Way to be Good Again

There is a way 
to be good again
my dear, but I fear
you've lost interest 
in the coming world-
in life beyond 
this dream.
It seems 
you don't care 
any more.

My dear, 
it seems you've 
walked through
another door- 
Come back now
Come back forevermore
Come back now 
Come back before 
keeps you away
for all eternity.  

Dear, I regret to say lately
you've become a bit of a bore
Dear, I regret to say lately
you've forgotten who you were before
So let me remind you, 
let me give you a tour 
of who you used to be. 
You used to be joyous 
and spirited and free. 
Dear, you used to be happy. 

There is a way to be good again
I read it in a book
I'm sorry I mistook you 
for someone who 
was searching for the truth
I thought I saw something in you-
something true.
I guess I thought you wanted it, 
more that you do.

This war you've waged
against the world 
girl, you'll only end up hurting

Dear there was a time 
when you wanted to be better
than the rest
you wanted to be the best 
human being 
you could be 
a soul that could 
clearly see
beyond the horizon...
There is a way to be good again.